01 August 2012

Campaign against the mountain clans (D&D:WoA)

Me and my friends followed up that game of Merchants & Marauders with a game of D&D: Wrath of Ashardalon. It had been ages since we had played this game so it was great fun to be able to run a game.

We played the scenario "Campaign against the mountain clans" in which the adventurers search the dungeon for the cave of a random "mountain clan". I played the Cleric, and my other friends played the Wizard and the Paladin. In retrospect we should have picked the Dwarf over the Wizard (and I think that combination is recommended for 3 players).

The Wizard is very frail, and the game is dangerous as hell with its constant stream of event cards letting loose traps, earthquakes and new monsters. Nevertheless, the trio of heroes entered the dungeon, instantly coming across one of the evil Duergar warriors and an event card which accidently revealed the location of the Kobold chieftain that became our main objective.

We all thought we were going to finish the game within minutes, then hordes of monsters attacked us from all sides. More Duergar arrived, which led to more tiles being auto explored and more monsters coming onto the table. Add traps, sniper arrows and being surrounded by a rich variety of monsters the heroes were in neck deep in trouble.

Orc archers kept knocking away hit points and the heroes slowly moved around the explored dungeon area back to back - hacking at anyone who dared approach. Littering the dungeon floor with multiple corpses the Paladin and the Cleric were soon Level 2 and equipped with superb looted equipment. The horde of monsters was thinning out, but the Wizard had been smacked around badly and we had already lost our 2 surges, and spent our healing powers to keep that weakling alive longer than we thought was possible. Then, at the final moment -just as we were about to deliver the final blow, removing the last wound of the Kobold Chieftain which would yield a victory - the roof caved in and our Wizard was crushed.

Thus we had lost the game, with as narrow a margin as you could ever get. It was great to play this game, and hope to play it again soon. It's really nice to play boardgames again on a semi-regular basis.

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