10 August 2012

Dungeon Lords 3-player session

Played a 3 player session of Dungeon Lords a couple of days ago, the game really becomes better with as many human players as possible. This is because you have to maneuver more around your status on the Evil-O-Meter so that you avoid the dangerous mighty heroes and get the wimpy one's instead. With more players there is also a greater risk of someone going up to and beyond the "Paladin target".

In a 3 player game the NPC player is handled slightly differently than in a 2-player game. Instead of picking 2 random production cards and choosing 1 card yourself, the NPC player now draws 3 random production cards instantly. This saves you some time as well.

In any case, it was a great session - and there are a ton of ways to win this game. What I really like is that no-one really knows who won until you sum everything up towards the end. For instance, I did pretty good in preventing my dungeon from being  raided, while another player struggled with tough monsters and towards the end the Paladin. His dungeon was pretty much destroyed but he ended up taking 2nd place while I ended last. Huge amounts of replay value offered in this game.

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