06 August 2012

Elhiem 20mm modern warfare miniatures review

Thomas in my gaming group hinted about this manufacturer when we started to get interested in modern warfare stuff for Brink of Battle. Elhiem miniatures have a great range of modern warfare stuff which I think was sculpted for "Force on Force" but which can be used for any kind of modern warfare game.

I myself intend to use the miniatures for "Brink of Battle" and "The Battlefield". The scale is 20mm, and while I'm not completely sold on playing 20mm Thomas had already manufactured a lot of terrain for his Force on Force game so the rest of us pretty much went with 20mm out of convenience. The sculpting is quite good, casting is great and the metal quality is also very good.

I think the miniatures have the right amount of details, and are sharp enough to provide an enjoyable painting experience. They are not cluttered, nor have lots of "soft details" which would be frustrating to paint. The sharp sculpting is well suited for washes and dipping if you like that sort of thing, I'm going to paint mine as I would paint 28mm stuff.

Elhiem miniatures have a bunch of ranges on their site, covering a lot of modern armies, pulp stuff and zombies if you like that sort of thing. The miniatures are very affordable, landing at about £2-4per blister depending on what kind of miniatures you have and how many they are.

I really recommend this manufacturer if you're looking to start with "Modern Warfare" themed wargaming and haven't yet decided upon scale.


I intend to base my guys on round 20mm bases (from http://www.warbases.co.uk/ )


  1. Thanks for the useful tip. Looking foreward to see the endresult.

  2. I painted the miniatures featured in this review this afternoon. Pictures should be up within a day or two :-)


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