19 August 2012

EW Polish Anti-tank rifle teams by FiB

I had bought a blister of the Forged in Battle Polish AT-rifles over a month ago but things have been moving slowly lately with me spending almost every waking spare moment on writing the September Campaign v.2 OoB book.

However I was finally cornered into painting two teams for today's battle, speed painted these in the middle of the night as I needed them to field a 3rd company of Motorized infantry - something I've been wanting to try out but couldn't due to the lack of AT-rifle teams in my collection.

As with all FiB miniatures the castings are very crisp and well defined, paint up very easy and very well. A great addition to their already fantastic EW Polish range.

The blister contains or rather should contain 4 teams (mine had 8 , don't know if that is a typo on the blister description online - or a packing mistake), and these two teams make up the different sculpts in the blister.

Also a quick note on the Soviet lists for September Campaign v.2.0 , there will be reasons to get excited. Fans of bizarre interwar Soviet armour should start looking around for miniatures. It's turning out to be the most fun and interesting section to write :-)

Now off to fight Thomas Verlastete Leichte Panzerkompanie!


  1. Lovely to see more Polish units being developed and used.

    Enjoy your game and good luck.


  2. Thanks Helen, the game went really well - but I feel bad for Thomas who had the worst luck with the dice. I will be posting an AAR from the battle in a couple of days.

  3. Bad luck, you say? I rolled poorly intetionally in order to make it a more enjoyable game. Especially when the five PzIIs took cover in the light woods and three of them got stuck.

    I will get you next time!

  4. I will be posting pics and rundown of our game in a couple of days :-)

    Got some really nice photos!


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