25 August 2012

Gentlemen, Zombies, Vampires and a Gatling guns

Last weekend I also managed to squeeze in a game of Empire of the Dead. I really wanted to try out the zombie mob and my newly painted up professor Erazmus (used as a Secretary).

My opponent fielded 250 points of experienced Nosferatu Clan members, armed with shotguns, hunting rifles and multi barreled pistols. I built a 250 points Gentlemen's list to match that, mainly made up of regular Membership armed with heavy pistols, two with hunting rifles, one with a steam gun, the secretary with a heavy pistol. The Gentlemen’s Club president came lumbering in his deep diving suit - armed with a Gatling gun. I had also bought 2 unusual occurrences, the zombie mob (having made by club the "Darkfire club") and the "almost Dawn" which should weaken the vampire lord of the Nosferatu clan.

The mission was "Entrapment" and the vampires were "defending", in that they were mean to escape off the opposite table edge while I tried to intercept them with two hunting parties.

From the start things went badly as one of my snipers was killed by the enemy snipers, I also lost my valuable steam cannon on turn two when he was shot by a shotgun. Still, I put the "Almost Dawn" in action and raised the zombie horde which I launched at the vampire clan.

The zombies became a bullet magnet, soon losing 2 out of 10 of its original members. They did get into close combat with the Graf who tore into them like a crazed tornado, and soon to be backed up by other members of his clan. The Zombies were cut down and those that still "lived" dispersed. This left one of my hunting parties led by the Secretary completely exposed and they soon got into brutal close combat with the enemy vampire lord.

On the opposite flank the lumbering deep diving suit moved forward spraying the enemy Thrall's with his Gatling gun - full auto. Not hitting anything, but remarkably never once jamming his gun despite the 50% chance after each burst. While the President and his cohorts were tied up in a gunfight with the Thrall's the Graf and his minions attacked the isolated Gentlemen and tore them to bits one by one. The Gentlemen did not give up without a fight, and managed to at least slay two of the Thralls before succumbing.

With one flank wiped out, the Vampires turned their attention to the president and his last couple of men. Even with the break of dawn, the vampire numbers were 3:1 at this point  and after a hopelessly lousy gunfight where one more Gentlemen's club membership was shot the President and the last two men decided it was better to withdraw the battlefield (they passed multiple morale tests and stayed in battle up to the voluntary withdrawal). The Vampires had prevailed and could escape back to their lair, having only suffered insignificant and easily replaced losses.


  1. Nice AAR. Lovely table and mini as always. The chap with the shotgun in his left hand in the last pic in the left column wheres he from?

  2. That is one of West Winds "Gothic Horror vampire wars" old miniatures. He's from one of their civilian or London mob blister, can't recall as it was years since I bought him.

  3. This is exactly the sort of thing that keeps me in non historical wargaming - lovely terrain, beautiful figs, and an opportunity to let creativity go crazy. Great report!

  4. Thanks Paul, the madness and unpredictable situations are indeed a major attraction in games such as this and Strange Aeons :-)

  5. Great AAR. Love the blood markers - I'll have to have a go at some of those...
    I've had one brief trial game with my as yet only undercoated figures... but it was fun... a basic vampire force got mostly gunned down by the higher firepower Gents club, forcing Vamps to withdraw...

    1. The vampires are mainly monsters in close combat, the best way to deal with them is to try to get a game to be played during the daytime when the vampires are weaker.

      I hope to try out some of the special characters like Jack the Ripper, Holmes & Watson and Prof. Erazmus in my next game :-)

  6. Some years back i had played this kind of game, And i really like one of the character named commando having Gun in his hand.


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