27 August 2012

Infernium powered clockwork servant for EotD

And here is the other Limited Edition miniature, the butler type - which I imagine is actually one of the "Infernium" powered servants that are hinted on in the main rulebook. There are no rules for him yet, so you could either use him as a regular "Membership" for your Gentlemen's Club, a member of the "public" (civilians walking about on the streets - or why not at the Gent. Club?).

As I often have problems with painting black, I wanted to try something different for the butler suit. I also painted the eyes completely blue to make him stand out as “not quite human”.


  1. Nicely done. i was wondering if they where going to do a Clacker type faction somehow all mechanical

  2. I would almost make such a faction based upon the "Gentlemen's club", maybe go the Blade Runner route with renegade "replicant"/"clockwork servants" turning on their masters.

  3. The red color is a killer! Plus the translucent effect on the glassware is a super good job, Sir.

  4. He looks wonderfully creepy!


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