09 August 2012

Iraqi army fire team 1

4 regular Iraqi army soldiers. One with a Druganov Sniper rifle the rest with AK47 variants.
I also have a pair of light and heavy machine gunners to back up the remaining fire team.

Got really frustrated when the matt varnish from Vallejo, Coat D'arms and Tamiya all provided a bad and destructive result. The models are shiny and look like shit now...

I will hopefully be trying out the Army Painter brush on matt varnish soon as I intend to order a bottle. I've heard it's supposed to be really good and have seen the results on my buddy Thomas painted stuff. I have really tried almost every varnish on the market available in Sweden, it's beyond belief how companies can sell this shit as "matt varnish" when the models end up more shiny after then they were before.
And since someone wondered the size difference between 15-20-28mm I took a comparison picture as well.


  1. Anatoli, try Vallejo Matt Varnish 70.520 but DON'T brush it. Use airbrush to spray it. It is not that very matt, deep finish as for example Army Painter Matt spray can, but it doesn't get frosty. I used AP spray can and it is very nice but unfortunately its totally unreliable. With Vallejo matt finish airbrushed matt is really nice and it is not dependant on weather and humidity. Here is result of Vallejo airbrushed on: http://miniwojna.blogspot.com/2012/07/wzmocnienie-imperium-empire.html

  2. I know the Army Painter spray is like Russian roulette after half the can is used. The Tamiya TS-80 which I have been using is also superg, for a while. And way too expensive in the long run and requires perfect temperature when you apply it or it will turn out badly. The air humidity and temperature in Sweden doesn't really support such a fine tuned product, which is why I'm looking into a reliable "brush on" varnish.

    I just placed an order with Warlord games on some of their new Inks and both their matt varnish and anti shine - will report with a review when they show up. The Inks are supposed to be almost identical to GW's old Devlan Mud, Badab Black and Ogryn Flesh. I have been really interested in trying them out for some time.

    I don't own a airbrush, something that is on my "to buy" list when I get a bit of extra cash left over.

  3. Just buy a cheap pseudo-Iwata at allegro, they are going for like 20 bucks or something. Ideal for basecoating and coating a final layer of varnish and good for learning basics of airbrushing too. Then You will be ready for better tools.

  4. I have used a product called "Dullcote" which is made in the USA by Testor's. They have a "Glosscote" as well. Dullcote has a matte finish, consistently. I don't know if you can get it in Sweden, though...

  5. @Jon, that is the problem, Dullcote can't be found or imported to Sweden. Though I have heard that a store nearby sells it over the counter once again. I may check it out if the Army painter varnish and anti-shine fails as well.

  6. Wenzells in stockholm sells testor dull coat. I have a few can i havent used if ou want them:)


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