07 August 2012

Iraqi Baath party official and Republican Guard

A couple of modern warfare Iraqi miniatures, I also have a couple of blisters of regular Iraqi army troopers that will be painted up to make a small skirmish force for "Brink of Battle" - and later on a larger scale and in co-op  in "The Battlefield".

Miniatures are Elhiem and 20mm scale.


  1. I love the cheesy white suit, I'm going to have to steal that.

  2. Haha yeah, it almost makes the Baath party official look like a South American drug lord. I myself got the idea from the Elhiem site which had painted up their version just like this.

  3. Very nice, the bases look really good

  4. Look great, how do you find the time to turn out so many great figures and work on September campaing, and presumably have some kind of life that does not invovle wargaming!


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