12 August 2012

Last couple of Iraqi army

Painted up the last 5 miniatures despite a splitting headache, and the lack of a good varnish. I have however ordered some matt varnish and anti-shine from Warlord Games that I have yet to try out. Paints were dispatched Friday so I should have them sometime next week. I'll make sure to post a review of their quality when they arrive.

These last miniatures also conclude my Iraqi 20mm force for now. I still have 20mm US forces to paint up. Problem is I'm a lot less certain about uniforms and camo pattern for the US forces. I may wait with painting them up until my campaign book is written as I'm in no mood putting research time on something else.

In which case I may paint up the last couple of Gentlemen's club miniatures that I have for Empire of the Dead. I hate to have half finished projects sitting about - and I recently bought something that will consume even more of my limited painting time. I'll do my best to keep myself away from that until at least the Empire of the Dead stuff is done.


  1. Hi, for your US in Iraq 2003, you need to look at the old DCU three colour desert pattern matched with a woodland pattern vest. Helmet cover should also be DCU pattern. Hope this assists. Great work on the Iraqis!

  2. Thanks Leigh, will check it out when time comes for the US :-)

  3. I would take some advice from "Generation Kill" , but I figured that maybe the uniforms of the Marine recon guys differed from regular army and rangers.

  4. No problem. Marine Recon guys are pretty much dressed as per most Army and Marines in-theatre at that time. A few sets of the then new desert MARPAT pattern and Coyote Brown vest were available to some Marines but majority still wore the DCUs. I'd recommend DCUs with woodland vest (IBA) as this allows you to use them as 2003 Army or Marines (or with more M4s as Rangers).

  5. Great to know, thanks again for the info!


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