22 August 2012

LW Shermans eating up a Tiger company

Title says it all, Mikael down at the club wanted to play FoW but there were no LW opponents for his LW US tank company so David borrowed me his Tiger company - and the same bad luck which I had previously displayed in my EW game against David was also displayed against Mikael to the point that he was just shaking his head.

I got 6 Tiger tanks and faced some 15 Sherman’s. The odds could not have been more stacked in my favor. On Turn 2 , two of my Tigers are destroyed by Sherman tanks in one single roll. The following turn I would have lost, since one of my tanks that was heading over to prevent the enemy from capturing the objective got bogged down. Mikael said "screw it, let’s play on", probably hoping my luck would even out at some point. It got only more ridiculous.

My delayed reserves did not enter the game until turn 6. By then both my Company commander and 2iC had been brutally murdered by Sherman’s, and the "just for laughs" reinforcements that arrived - did indeed manage to knock out some Sherman tanks but were soon put out of commission by the remaining Sherman’s on the table.

Final score was something like

6 Tiger E and 1 BergePanther destroyed at the price of 8 lost Sherman’s and 1 infantry team. My unfamiliarity with LW and Tiger tank companies in particular contributed to their demise - no doubt about that. But the amount of sheer bad luck that entire day in both my FoW games was just astounding. Glad it wasn't during a tournament, because then I would sulk for the remainder of the tournament.

Regarding the German list, I don't know how much fun David is going to have playing this force. I find Tiger companies in both mid and late war to be quite dull - and against allied armor it seem to be a complete overkill. I think I would have preferred to run Pz IV, StuG - or even cheapass PzIII tanks. Marder’s would also be fun, those "regular" tanks would offer a lot of fun infantry options as well that the Tiger company seem to be missing out on. This was a 1500 points battle since Mikael only has 1500points US. The 1750 points Tiger company David has includes the 6 Tigers, the BergePanther, Michael Wittman and a platoon of Light AA vehicles. I can only imagine the nightmare of facing US infantry packed with Bazooka teams with such a list.


  1. It's like every fear I have about running a Tiger list coming true in one game. Early kills, bad bogs, the whole deal. *Shudder*

  2. "screw it, let’s play on". Sound like you have very friendly gaming buddies, I envy you. Sadly my local players are very much power gamers, and one of my latest game of FoW, I misunderstood the deployment rules in a missing. I setup my force, and my opponent begin laughing and tells me why when he begins setting up his force.
    I asked him "could we not setup again, I misunderstood the rules, it would not be much of a game as it is now".
    His simple answer was "sorry, this is how you deployed".
    First turn he alpha striked my force in the side and really i already had lost before the first dice was rolled. Wasting my evening.
    Most game-systems are fine. Many (or most?) miniature/tabletop gamers seems very unmature or what ever word you can use.
    I play to have fun and Its does matter alot for me that my opponent had a positive experience. As Rick Priestley said "Better to play together then play against each other, even if you are on opposing sides".
    way too many miniature gamers just want to "Win at all cost", then don't care about it being fun.

    I wish i had some "screw it, let’s play on"-opponents, to have fun with.

    1. Brian that sounds horrible...

      The guys I play with have a very "friendly gaming" attitude, even when we play local tournaments no one acts like a dick which is really nice.

  3. @Brian your "friend" is a derp. Find others to play against.

    @Antoli. ROFL!

  4. @brian: you are allways welcome to show up at one of our friendly sessions in lund, sweden, if you get tired of wasting valuable hobby time:). rick absolutely has got it right. a games ought to be played together with the common goal of having a geat game together. there is obviously the competative part in it too but that is secondary to having fun. or atleast thet is what i tell myself after getting raped(figurativly) by alex and/or patrik.

  5. My experience is that miniature hobby/games has evolved into "Win at all cost" its all about finding the grey areas and weaknesses in the rules, and exploit it 110%.
    People just want to maximise/minimize there lists, finding weird combinations which really screws up anything resembling what the games was meant to be, and any historical reflection if talking FoW. not all players are like this, but many!

    The latest trend I have experienced is the "anti-army"-concept. Where people want to change there list to specifically have the best options against my list. Arranging games becomes more of a bluff-trickery, then just thinking about having a nice game.

    I don't really know how the express what I feel and mean in a single short sentence, but the powergames have driven me from all kind of Warhammish-games, and I'm afraid that FoW is going the same way in the future sadly.

  6. Brian that sound horrible, but I can agree with the "breaking the rules" and exploiting lists, I've seen it happen and know people who do this sort of things.

    I think our group at least has enough interest in history not to go power gaming out of control. Honestly I don't think any of us would suffer such bad wargaming behavior and would tell the person who acts like a dick to that he can either play like a normal person or pack up and go home.

    There is too little time to be wasted on such people. I feel really bad for you, and would advice on trying to find a new gaming group of more like minded individuals if possible.

  7. Anatoli, sadly the gaming community is not that diverse where I live, not having much choice. That said, of course most of them are nice friendly people to talk to, but when on the gaming table its about winning.
    I have tried several times to argue for my "more-fun-less-screwing-the-rules"-style, and they just looks at me like im an babbling, telling me that's just the rules of the game. Its me who is told to go home! :-)

    I have discovered new games, like SAGA and Strange Aeons, Games which not yet and possible never is going to be invaded by power gamers. SAGA is meant to be a competitive game, but its an entirely different animal than FoW, Warhammer and such. And Strange Aeons just make me want to make cool scenery and custom scenarios, and indulge in all in-between that.

  8. thanks for sharing.


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