17 August 2012

M10 Company by Andreas "Deathbullar"

Andreas at our local FoW club have been painting a M10 tank destroyed company over the last couple of weeks - truly great looking paintjobs. The models are still WIP but I wanted to share some pictures of them anyway.

The M10 is a really cool vehicle. If I understood correctly Andreas is going to run this army in the European championship down in Poland this weekend (hopefully he'll take a bunch of photos for me from the event).
I'll make sure to take pictures of Andreas army once its 100% finished.


  1. Truly a great paintjob so far. Hope he will do some weathering!

  2. Yeah I can't wait to see them finished, hopefully he'll show up with them again at the next gameday at the club next weekend.

  3. Heh, makes my M10 platoon feel a little wanting! Very impressive company he's got there, good luck to him at the championship!

  4. The shading is perfect. Can't wait to see them finished.

  5. The for the comments! Forgot to take with me the camera on the short visit to the tournament today. But I managed to talk to the fire and sword guys. So hopefully i get some time to take some pic of their demogames and rest of the tournament ofc.

    1. Ah very cool that you met Konrad and Rafal from Wargamer. Damn now I wish I had tagged along :-D


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