20 August 2012

Polish infantry battalion vs Fallschirmsjäger pics

Just a bunch of pictures of a game played against David's Fallschirmjäger over a week ago (this was probably the last "ahistorical battle" we are going to play at my club since I finished the German OoB section earlier last week and handed it out to my friends while I keep writing on the next section).  I got the urge to run a regular infantry army with artillery since I use artillery so seldom. I kind of remember why after this game. 510 points could have been used so much better.

I did try out a few new things from my upcoming September Campaign v.2.0 OoB.
For instance many lists have the Tankettes as divisional support, and they count as real reconnaissance platoons how. They are slightly more expensive. The biggest change however is that you can only field tankettes with 20mm guns in the list as the 20mm gun tankettes were very few and only a couple Polish formations had them at the outbreak of the war. The remainder of the lists are left with MG armed tankettes, -which isn't as bad as it may sound and essentially make them a lot more focused on their reconnaissance task than trying to play "tank hunters".

The size of the tankette platoon is also varied depending on what force you are playing. Some of the reconnaissance forces had larger platoons.

The other thing I tried out was a regular KOP company (Border Protection Corps). These are companies that are extremely similar to regular Polish army infantry companies, but they lack anti tank rifle and light mortars, they also don't have the HMG platoon attachment. But most importantly they are Confident/Trained - which makes them fairly cheap and should offer a good "2nd line of defense" platoon in divisional support. (They also have their own army lists in the book, and the coolest character that you will be able to field with the Polish army belongs to - and can only be played with - the KOP battalion).

The game would perhaps have been more fun if I had not been struck by an unbelievable amount of bad luck. It was just one of those days where you fail to hit anything, fail your saves and nothing works. I do have confidence in the KOP unit though, I think they will be underestimated, but since they are cheaper they will also have a lot more infantry platoons on the table. Historically, and as they are represented in the book, KOP fought with both German, Slovak and Soviet invaders. However the Poles were a lot more worried about the Germans so the well armed and well trained KOP units on along the Soviet border were stripped of recruits and equipment which was sent to and stationed along the western and southern border. This makes you able to field KOP armies of "west border quality" and KOP armies of "east border quality". I'm convinced this will offer a lot of campaign options for people that want to play against German or Soviet invaders.
I'm currently writing the Soviet OoB section, the OoB templates are all being drafted, still doing some research on a few details but I'm confident that the Soviets will be finished by the end of this week, which should give me a couple of days for proof reading before release on September 1st.


  1. Nice pictures, I really like how your opponent based his Fallschrimjager, they look very good.

  2. Yeah I'm really a fan of the dug-in look as well.


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