14 August 2012

Polish PZL.23 Karas Light bomber review

One of the new units available to some of the Polish lists in the September Campaign v.2.0 is the Polish light bomber PZL.23 Karas. After having written the unit profile I did a quick search and soon found a fantastic looking PZL.23 in 15mm scale from "Armaments in Minature", an American company that makes a lot of various aircraft in resin.

While placing an order for my PZL.23 I also bought a sheet of decals specific for this model and learned from the owner that he is working on a PZL.37 Los medium bomber and the Pz11.c fighter for the Polish as well. This is fantastic news as all of those are available as divisional support for various armies in my upcoming book.

Shipping to Sweden was 7USD which is quite OK, especially since it was priority mail and arrived at my place within a week! The model was carefully packed in a zip bag with all the details on some sprue's and the whole thing was tucked into a cardboard box filled with styrofoam. As such everything arrived in mint condition.

The resin quality was good, it’s fairly lightweight which means you can mount the airplane on a magnet flying base, its durable but at the same time soft enough to allow very smooth cleaning of the few mould lines that there were. There were no air bubbles in my kit either. The detail sprue was filled with tiny details that all had small "pins" that went into cast holes on the model so you don't need to drill anything. The small detail parts are tiny but I somehow managed to carefully trim them and glue them in place without snapping anything so I don't think the resin is that brittle. Everything fits perfectly and came well cast. It's also nice to see that you get an assembly guide come with the model, there aren't many parts but it always speeds up the process.

I snapped a bunch of WIP pictures of the model and my scratch built flying base for Flames of War.

Link to Armaments in Minature

Highly recommended!


  1. Seems like a great model. I love the rear mounted gunner.

  2. Very nice model. I bought three Stukas some years ago, I never painted them but they are very nice models with a excellent quality casting.



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