30 August 2012

Polish Royal Guard command (BF&S)

I bought a box of German Mercenary "Old Type" infantry what seems ages ago to boost my Polish-Lithuanian army with some stability a Pike& Shot unit can offer. Hundred things came in between and I did not start painting on this unit until Patrik at our club asked when we were going to play By Fire & Sword again.

Having a game waiting is always a good incitement for painting something, and thus I started painting my Pike&Shot unit, modeled on the information I was given by Kadrinazi from http://kadrinazi.blogspot.com/ and also the moderator of the By Fire & Sword forum.

The Polish Royal guard apparently wore blue as their main color, in tradition with the Polish Vasa line of kings still clinging to their lost throne. The banner for the guard was silver white with a diagonal yellow cross and a holy icon on one side and (from the picture I used as a source) what seems to be the combined coat of arms of Sweden and Poland-Lithuania.

It's going to be a very cool unit once everything is painted up (only have the regimental gun left - so pictures of the unit will be up tomorrow). I mainly painted up the command in advance for two reasons, to have prototype paintjob to serve as a role model for the rest of the unit - and I also wanted to dedicate a little extra time for the banner which is made of a sheet of paper that I painted with PVA glue and then several layers of regular acrylic paint, free hand painting the cross and iconography. I'm quite pleased with the end result, but it looked like it would end as a disaster midway through when the basecoat didn't turn out the way I wanted and everything was running due to too much water in the paint mix.


  1. There will be some new stuff published (as pdf but not sure when) that will be very useful for You with this regiment. Cannot say much about it but I think You will find it interesting ;)

  2. You're such a tease :D

    Very nice to hear, I have a game planned for this Sunday. Still don't know if I will face the combined wrath of two Swedish armies. If so I may actually get to defend for once and get use of my reconnaissance for deploying ambushes :-)

  3. I cannot tell anything else, sorry :) We working very hard on few new ideas, especially connected with English version, hopefully some news soon will appear online about this.

  4. Armoured pikemen is a great option. I hope to paint a regiment for my Swedish army ASAP. Big block of pikemen (veterans) with 35cm 2/4 fire support and (a must have) 2x 3f guns is a problem for almost all mounted to charge. Just keep your flanks protected :)

    Why standard bearer's sleeve is black?

    1. It's a piece of armour on his forearms. The Pikemen have it too.

  5. Nice to see you post some new "By fire and sword" stuff.

  6. Great flag! Looking forward to seeing more...

  7. A great stand...and a great flag!


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