31 August 2012

Polish Royal Guard regiment complete (BF&S)

Finished the regiment, with some time to spare, for this Sunday's game of By Fire & Sword. Patrik and David are both busy painting additional regiments for their own armies, so there will no doubt be a big battle awaiting.

The Pikes and musketeers as well as the command are from the "By Fire & Sword" German mercenary old type box set. The regimental cannon and its crew are from Khurasan Miniatures. I traded my original regimental gun with David since he needed  a much more uniform look for his artillery battery and I myself don't mind how the single artillery piece in my regiment looks like. I did however shorten the barrel since this was a medium cannon and the regimental guns are smaller light guns.

Like with the rest of my regiments, this is a "minimum size" force, and can be expanded with additional companies of Pikes and Muskets as well as additional junior officers and regimental guns. This makes the limit of 5 regiments in your division not being as restrictive as one might think. And with a 4th regiment, in my army I can also field another "divisional support" unit  like Reiters and Armoured Reiter companies.


  1. Fabulous! I'm looking forward to hearing about the big battle...

  2. Hopefully my GERMAN guns will make big nice holes in those poles. Just like the Navy seal .50cal sniper did to the poor poor iraqi soldiers...

  3. Have the rules been released in English yet? If so, who is the supplier?

    1. Unfortunately no, they are planend to be released this year - but no longer any details about date/moth :-/


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