23 August 2012

Professor Erazmus for Empire of the Dead

One of the Limited Edition miniatures for Empire of the Dead, finally painted up. Superb miniature with great amount of detail and very crisp sculpting. You can either use him as the character he is, or as a Gentlemen's Club secretary "hero" character.

I can also see him being used as an eccentric and bookish adventurer for many other Pulp games that are around.

The small bushes need some painted on flowers to match the rest of my Empire of the Dead collection, but I have yet not decided which color to use for my Gentlemen's Club miniatures.


  1. You done a cracking job on him. He's a lovely figure I haven't started mine yet. Have just based and undercoated. Do you think you'd be able to use these figures in strange aeons?

  2. Most definitely! That is probably the best part with Pulp/Victiorian Sci-Fi/Horror games, many miniatures overlap the rule systems :-)

    Erazmus is a perfect example, I would use him as a Threshold Hero or a Rouge Character in Strange Aeons.

  3. Thanks Its something I'm thinking about.

  4. Great looking figure. May have to pick him up for Strange Aeons, ATM another game would kill me! EOTD looks interesting.

  5. Very nice job. I currently have this figure and the Vampires and Gent's club prep'd and undercoated. Can't wait to get them finished and in action on the table :-)


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