24 August 2012

The September Campaign v.2 trailer & release date

The Orders of Battle book was finished earlier this week, and I'm proof reading it at the moment. Release date is September 1.st. It will be available for free download through this blog.

The Orders of Battle book will be followed up by a Campaign book, "Poland in Flames", which will be released both as a bundle with the OoB and as a standalone PDF book. The Campaign book will be released late September/Early October and include all the standalone operations and battles from version.1 rewritten and improved as well as brought up to FoW v.3 rules standard. The campaign section will also be expanded with Soviet and Slovak, as well as additional Polish and German operations. There will be an announcement once it's available.


  1. What a phenomenal resource!! The You Tube footage itself is masterly, and the quality of The September Campaign looks magnificent. Thank you so much for preparing what looks to be a terrific book for all of us. And what a fitting and suitable release date. Well done Sir! Thank you so very much.

  2. Looks great Anatoli, really professional.

  3. Looks really good. Can´t wait to read it. And the video was top quality.

    What movie was some photage from?


    1. A Polish documentary series about major events of the 20th century. They had several episodes on the invasion of Poland - still have tons of footage for a video for the upcoming campaign/scenario book :-)

  4. What a project! Almost makes you wanna join the FoW-gang...

  5. Come join the darkside we got cookies.
    Seriously we got cookies.

  6. Brilliant effort. The work that you have put into this piece is phenomenal. I can't wait to delve into this when it is finished.


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