05 August 2012

The September Campaign v2.0 teaser

I've been hinting about this project for a couple of weeks now, I wanted to wait with teasers and such until I had something substantial to show and even more to back it up with.

For those of you not familiar with "The September Campaign", it was my campaign book written for Flames of War:Blitzkrieg. It mainly focused on historical battles and campaigns following the invasion through the PoV of various Polish and German forces.

It was a huge chunk of work, though I was never fully satisfied with it. It never really felt like something that would appeal to the common Flames of War gamer. And while the framework and much of the content is still valid - a few months ago I decided that I would make a version 2 of the book. Pretty much from scratch. This second attempt will be more ambitious and a two part project.

First of all there will be a complete and self contained OoB section for the Polish, Germans, Slovak and Soviet forces taking part in the invasion of Poland 1939. This means a ton of new lists and unit profiles that reflect the armies and units of 1939 and the diversity of troops taking part in that campaign.

Second, there will be a revised campaign section allowing players to pick operations or standalone battles described from the PoV of all 4 armies involved. The battles will have better written objectives and the whole campaign section (and new OoB section as well for that matter) will be up to Flames of War v.3 standards in terms of rules. The campaign section will see an expanded amount of battles, and will now be supported by more historically accurate lists - provided within the September Campaign v.2.0 book.

This is a big project, full of research, lots of writing, making unit profiles etc. And while I have spent an estimated 70 hours on the project already. I have come to the conclusion that it will be for the best if I finish the OoB section and release it as soon as it's done to allow players to familiarize themselves with the new forces, points costs, unit and weapon profiles while I continue writing the campaign section.

Both parts will then be merged into one at the end.

The book will be available for free just like my previous effort. This project is fueled by the desire to present Early War, and the September Campaign of 1939 in particular, at its best. Showing how varied and interesting Early War can be. Being a big Flames of War fan I decided to base all my work within the framework of those rules and how things are written in terms of unit profiles and points.

This is as much a project I do for my own sake as I do for the FoW community. I do hope you guys will enjoy the final results once its complete. Estimated release date for the OoB section is roughly 6 weeks from now. The Polish section is complete, and I have just begun writing on the Slovak section.

I won't spoil too much of my plans regarding unit profiles, new forces, what army lists will be in there for all nations - as I want it to be a nice surprise upon release. I have however shown the WIP so far for a number of close friends to get some response on my ideas and how they are perceived from a more “veteran FoW gamer’s PoV”.

But I can mention that the Polish OoB includes 5 tank, 5 Mechanized and 3 Infantry companies. They will allow the Polish to field almost every single force taking part in the September Campaign. Those that don't have their own company are still represented in the lists in one way or the other.

There will be some nice new surprises for the Germans as well once I start writing their section. There are a bunch of lists that I wanted to see in Blitzkrieg that will be included.

Hope you guys like the preview pictures (they are print screens of my WIP document if you wonder about the size and quality). I'll post another update within a couple of weeks when the next big chunk of the book has been finished. There is one more secret regarding this project which will greatly increase its availability - but I'll save that one until the OoB part is 100% finished.

This project is also why I haven't posted much new painted content, writing the book simply takes up all my spare time. But I haven't forgotten about my various painting projects and there will be newly painted models up on the blog next week.


  1. Wow, what a great stuff! Totally not my historical period but I admire all Your great work here. Well done!

  2. I can't wait! I loved the first one and this one looks amazing!

  3. Thanks guys, I dare to say this will be something special once released. And something I wished I would have done a year ago with version 1.

  4. I'm really excited about this! It already looks great.

  5. That is a very ambitious project, but it looks great. Best of luck with it!

  6. Very, very impressive. That is a tremendous amount of (talented) work there. Well done.

  7. Totally impressed. I have found a huge amount of data re early 1939 but it is fragmented. You have clearly taken it a step further. Well done.

  8. Did you consider adding a firestorm campingan to SC v.2.0?

    1. Haven't thought about that , but if it's not too much work I may add that as an additional campaign option.


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