21 August 2012

US Navy Seals painting tutorial by Patrik "Saaywhu"

My friend Patrik had painted up a bunch of Navy Seals for Brink of Battle in 20mm, and got questions about what colors were used - so I asked Patrik if he would give me a rundown of colors and here is the quick tutorial on how the miniatures are painted:

(All paints except for the Ink is Vallejo, the Ink is the new GW "Agrax Earthshade")

Undercoat the miniatures in white, since they are going to be painted in light colors.

Basecoat the uniforms in Green Ochre (in retrospect German Camouflage Beige might have been a better choice). Follow up by painting the uniforms with Iraqi sand in a splash pattern.

Now paint the brown lines lines on the uniform camo with Flat Earth. The gloves are painted Green Grey since the idea is to have them look like US Pilot gloves - since I've seen pictures of soldiers using this type of gloves.

The head set bands and ammo box for the M249(SAW) are painted in Reflectic Green to mimic the green plastic in which they are made.

All details that I want dark, almost black but not pitch black, are paitned with German Grey. I also use a sponge to sponge the weapons with German grey to make them look battle worn.

When the skin is painted I ink the entire miniature with Agrax Eearthshade to get a nice shading effect on all areas. I now go over all the camo parts with the same colors again. The vest is left as it is, once again based on pictures that I have seen.


  1. very nice work,Sir. Plus the character's IDs on the base is a thumbs-up move from where I'm sitting. BTW: enjoy your copious posts very much.

  2. Thanks Jay, I'll pass the positive feedback to Patrik :-)

  3. Dude, I need to know where I can buy these Miniatures? Brink of Battle is only the rules system, right?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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