28 August 2012

Warsaw AMB vs Verlastete Leichte Panzerkompanie

Played a game against Thomas last week, we both picked forces from my September Campaign v.2 OoB section. I ran the Warsaw armoured motorized brigade, they are similar to the original Motorized cavalry list, but have fewer AT gun platoons and are rated Fearless/Trained rather than Fearless/Veteran (which the 10th Motorized Cavalry brigade are) and have different divisional support options.

The Warsaw brigade also lack bomber support, but they can get a "remnant platoon" of 3x 7TP tanks and PZL 7 fighter interception.

My list was


3 Motorized infantry companies, each with 2 platoons and 2hmg.

2 Platoons of tankettes, one with 5 (3MG, 2 AT) and one with 3 (2MG , 1 AT).

2 Platoons of AT guns.

1 Remnant platoon of 7TP tanks.

Sporadic fighter interception.

Thomas ran the Verlastete Leiche panzerkompanie, which is a bit different in the September Campaign in terms of platoon structure. Overall, all Panzer 1 tanks are now standard tanks,. And the Panzer II D is now able to move 16" on roads, but only capable of moving 8" cross country and in terrain.

Thomas had

HQ section with 2 PzII and 1 BefPz.

2 Pz II platoons.

2 Pz I platoons

1 platoon of AA trucks

1 Platoon of engineers

1 Platoon of Motorized Schützen upgraded to MG teams.

Limited Air Support.

The mission was "Cauldron" and I defended a small village and the objectives that Thomas placed on both sides of the nearby river. I started the battle with 2 Motorized companies and 2 AT gun platoons on the table. Thomas started with a platoon of Pz I , a platoon of Pz II and his Schützen on the table.

My defensive position was good, but I relied heavily on Thomas going for the objectives rather than trying to outflank my dug in AT guns and going behind them. Luckily Thomas started out with both of his tank Platoons moving up and trying to soften up the Polish defenders with some machinegun and 2cm fire. I returned fire with some infantry and the AT gun platoon which had been left in the village, disabling some Pz I tanks with bailed out rolls.

Thomas also bogged down with one of the Pz I tanks while going for better cover. Now disaster struck the German attack, the PzII platoon came crashing forwards going into a nearby grove - and bogged down 3 out of 5 vehicles. Not wasting any time, half of one of my companies of motorized infantry sallied forth and assaulted the remaining 2 tanks - destroying one and making the other one back away. This resulted in 4 burning Pz II tanks, and the remaining Pz II fled the field. Unfortunately the nearby Pz I platoon was still very much alive and peppered the Polish troops down below half platoon strength in a single salvo.

The Poles held their ground, and hugged the tree line, but the Germans appeared with reinforcements on the now weakened flank and killed everyone in sight that was not hiding in a building. Luckily my anti tank gun platoon finished the Pz I platoon standing in front of the village and then moved out of their positions and took up a new firing position behind some bushes - staring at 2 platoons of German armour heading their way.

The German force split in two, trying to flank the defenders in the village,  Pz II's went for the AT guns while the Pz I and a newly arrived 20mm AA gun platoon went around the back of the village.
When things started to look sweaty for the Poles, their tanks arrived in the rear of the German AA trucks - blasting them to pieces with machinegun fire. At the same time the Germans lost several tanks in the village during assaults to the remnants of the 1st Motorized Company who had previously been involved in the destruction of the bogged down Pz II tanks. The situation proved impossible even as the German sent their infantry forwards to contest the objectives before time ran out.

As the German infantry left their cover of the small village across the river they were welcomed by the fire of a 2 platoons of motorized infantry, and flanked by a newly arrived platoon of tankettes. 

The battle was a massacre, the German force pretty much annihilated.


It's worth mentioning that Thomas was suffering from really bad rolls with the dice in this game (just as I had in my games the week before). Bogging down with 3 out of 5 tanks that early really messed things up for the Germans and they lost momentum, those tanks were needed to break up the Polish defense in the village overlooking the river so that the German infantry could move out safely. Now things just fell apart.

German air support was chased away twice, and the times it did appear it did very little damage.

Other than that I'm super excited that Thomas is building the German Cavalry list from September Campaign for the Germans, and the Polish FT-17 tank company for the Polish (that list is always the Defender despite being a Tank Company). I think both forces will add tons of unique fun. I myself have a bunch of Polish cavalry that needs painting up, I hope Forged in Battle will release their dismounted cavalry and 10th motorized cavalry brigade miniatures soon.

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