21 September 2012

15mm Renaissance tents from Wargamer

Painted up a pack of 15mm scale tents that I got from Wargamer, the manufacturer of the By Fire & Sword range. They have like a whole range of Renaissance resin terrain that looks really good.
In any case these tents come in a single bag, cast in resin and come without bases. I made the bases myself out of plasticard since I wanted the tents to be on roughly the same level as my infantry (else they would look smaller than they actually are).

I'm no expert on tents, but it may be possible to use these for other periods as well. I put some of my Wargamer manufactured Polish Dragoons and some Polish WW2 infantry from Forged in Battle in the pictures to give you an idea of the size of those tents.

You can expect these to appear in our next By Fire & Sword battle, and I think they will make a great addition on a smaller 4x4 table if you play the Level 1 skirmish sized game where terrain can be a bit more dense. There are also a couple of rules in the game that cover army camps and supply wagons etc , it may be fun to make some obstacles and set up a small army camp on the table to be defended against raiding forces.

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