28 September 2012

Call of Cthulhu RPG inspirational reading material

A follow up on my previous entry on Worlds of Cthulhu, having read the magazines I became interested in what more the RPG game Call of Cthulhu had to offer so I bought the main rulebook and a sourcebook. Just as with the Worlds of Cthulhu magazines these books make great reading material, almost like a encyclopedia of Lovecraft monsters, cults and everything else thematically connected to the weird horror of his novels.

The main rulebook, "Call of Cthulhu" contains a lot of information about the great Old ones and creatures dwelling in the dark corners of hte earth while the "Keepers companion" lists a lot of monsters, cults, characters, books and locations. Just as with the Worlds of Cthulhu magazine the books on their own make great reading material if you have an interest for Lovecraft stories and the "mythos" he has created.

There is a ton of useful stuff to pick from and use in games like pulp/horror games like Strange Aeons, especially if you are looking to create your own scenarios or have picked up a grotesque miniatures and don't have an idea what to do with it.

Great reading material and once again highly recommended if you are interested in these type of things.

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  1. still got a 5th edition (1992) with the massive 'Horror on the Orient Express' story... great stuff :-)


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