17 September 2012

Dreadfleet "treasure hunt" skirmish scenario

Went over to play some more Dreadfleet over at my friend Daniel's house. As he has yet to paint the two "capital ships" in the box he had created an easy skirmish scenario that was simply about capturing treasures located on the board.

3 treasures, to pick one up you are required to stop the ship and lower the anchor for one turn, then spend the next turn picking it up. You also need to be afloat with the treasure on your ship by the end of turn 6 to be counted as actually having a victory point.

The player with most treasures (or ships left if no treasures are recovered) wins the game.  Each player picks 3 ships belonging to the fleet of his choice - these ships can't include the capital ships. Then the ships are deployed with at the edge of each player's deployment.

Really simple setup and scenario, and it proved to work very well and offer a fun time. I still can't believe how enjoyable this game is. I still have to break open my own box, I'm saving it because I still have other stuff to paint - and I know that once I open Dreadfleet I will be painting the content until it's all done.

Anyway, in this game I ran the Dwarf, the Araby and one of the Elven ships. Daniel ran the Chaos dwarf submarine/mechanical octopus, the Khemri ship and the Ghost ship. Well rounded forces I would say.

The game started out with me winning the initiative and immediately making a dash for one of the objectives with my Araby ship "The Flaming Scimitar", this ship was intercepted by the Khemri boat which crashed into my ship and started a boarding action. That was pretty bad because my captain and my crew sucked in close combat and I started to take soem ship damage.

Fortunately for me, I was able to inflict some damage of my own on the Khemri ship, to the hull. And as it was my turn to activate again I made a wonderful sweeping move with my "Swordfish" ship which ended in a ramming action against the Khemri ship, ripping open two more "hull" damage cards effectively sinking the enemy!

While two of my sailing ships were pre-occupied, my Dwarf steamship made full speed ahead towards the objective on the south side of the table - but was intercepted by the Chaos Dwarf submarine which attacked me in a boarding action that lasted for the remainder of the game! My Dwarf captain and the enemy Chaos Dwarf captain fought a long duel lasting several turns until my captain was killed. Then the mechanical tentacles started shredding my ship, killing the first mate leaving me totally leaderless and unable to perform any more orders, and damaged the hell out of the ship. I had a ton of damage cards, but remained afloat thanks to some repair actions performed before my captain was killed.

This pretty much spared the other two ships in my fleet and allowed them to race for one objective each and grab them, while the enemy Ghost ship failed to sink any of them (but did inflict some damage).

Game ended 2-1 , and with 1 enemy ship sunk, and one of my ships barely staying afloat with both of its commanding officers killed. It was great.


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