29 September 2012

Gentlemen's club member (EotD)

Shamed myself into getting started with the Gentlemen's club miniatures which have been sitting on my desk for what seems forever. Truth to be told I wasn't inspired enough to paint them and I tried to come up with ideas on colors and such. As it turns out that solved itself once I started painting.

Each faction has a couple of "heroes" and "minions". The Gentlemen's club is mainly made up of what is called "Membership", regular members. I will paint these in various shades of brown/earthy colors, and paint the President, Vice President and Secretary in brighter colors and patterns to have them look real "dandy". This way the minions of the gang will be tied together while the leaders will pop out.

Here's the first guy.  I won't be distracted by any other projects while I paint these as I really want to finish my Empire of the Dead miniature collection and the Gentlemen are the last part of that.


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