26 September 2012

Horror nurse

The other Carnevale miniature that I got from the Maelstrom stock clearance, the "Nurse" from the doctors of Ospendale faction. Really nice miniature and great horror factor to her. Just as with the Warden I wanted to have a rather bleak and dirty look for the clothes and reddish/sickly skin tone since it's some kind of zombie or at least looks like that.

The last picture shows a scale comparison with an Artizan Thrilling Tales 28mm and a West Wind Empire of the Dead 28mm figure.


  1. Must not buy more figures....must not buy more figures. Great work, I love the detail. These figures always turn my eye. If I could find a decent price in the US that may be my weakness to breaking down.

  2. You wouldnt want to meet her on a dark night!

  3. Thanks guys, really like this miniature, will really need to squeeze her into a game soon.


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