25 September 2012

Incursion:SNAFU game session AAR

Played two games of Incursion the other day with a friend, two scenarios from the SNAFU expansion. "Make it glow" and "The Hive" since we wanted to play the large scenarios that use two boards as you rarely get to do that.

I was pretty much caught up in the game itself so did not take notes, and the light wasn't the best which meant a lot of the pictures turned out badly.

In short the Allies won the "Make if Glow" scenario as they managed to put down both the Panzeraffe, Drohne and the Blitzhund at the loss of a single Bazooka A.P.E.
If they had not gained such an advantage in victory points then perhaps it would make sense for the Germans that still had Gretel and Ilsa to continue the fighting but it was rather impossible to make a comeback in points so we ended the game and picked another scenario instead.

In the second scenario, "The Hive" we used the MI-13 guys - they are really fragile to say the least. I kept saving 2 command points so I could buy away a potential "booby trap" card since it's a 50-50 change of killing a MI-13 soldier with that card. This second scenario was more of a back and forth sense of despair. Paddy Mayne led the assault down the tunnels to the southeast and parked himself in a nice reaction fire spot where he could pick off zombies from safe distance. Naturally he failed every single reaction fire roll and then ran out of ammo leading to a Blitzhund moving up and tearing his face off. This was still turn 1... great I had lost 1 of my heroes already.

The Blitzhund caught the scent of a shotgun armed MI-13 soldiers, and I was silently hoping that guy would die. His reaction fire situation would never bring down the raging beast, but I had a "Blaze of glory" card on my hand which would allow him to spend his full action point value to perform "post death" attacks against the Blitzhund. And my opponent had been baited into buying away other cards that I had played during the turn so he had no points to buy away my Blaze of Glory card. The Blitzhund of course shredded my shotgun trooper but got killed as well. A cheap sacrifice, wish it had occurred before Paddy Mayne got slain.

At the same time the rest of my MI-13 band was picked off one by one fighting zombies in the northern tunnels until only Zip Kelly and another trooper remained. It looked really hopeless, and then my last regular soldier died as well. However I was able to kill off Ilsa von X and one of the Drohne's so the situation were suddenly Zip Kelly vs the zombies (and 2 remaining Drohne). With a lot of luck I could still win.

But then I made the stupid mistake of trying to shoot at one of the remaining Drohne's instead of running up and beating it to death in hand to  hand where Zip Kelly had better chance of inflicting wounds. So I wasted something like 14 dice and only inflicted a single wound on the brain in jar that then returned fire and killed my remaining character.


  1. Great BatRep for a great game that doesn't get enough play time at my place.

  2. Same here, game occasions are few and far between :-/

  3. Good looking games, nice to see SNAFU getting some FTF time.

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