24 September 2012

Pyramidhead warden

When Maelstrom had their latest sale I browsed the Carnevale section and although most of what I had been eyeing was already gone I managed to buy two really cool "monster miniatures" for my Strange Aeons/Empire of the Dead games.

This is the "Warden", probably heavily influenced by the Pyramidhead monster in Silent Hill but this guy looks less stupid.

Whenever I get some miniature that doesn't really belong to any specific part of my collection I like to experiment a little with painting techniques and try out a few ideas. On both miniatures I tried out using more washes than usual, especially on the second model which I will post shortly (still not finished) where I wanted a specific tone on the skin to make it look sick.

What more can I tell, the miniatures from this manufacturer are very crisp in their casting. They have very nice details, but aren't covered in lots of tiny objects and crap like that (which usually annoys me). I prefer a miniature to be clean with enough concept and idea behind the sculpt to make it interesting on its own rather than have a Warhammer 40k overload of scrolls, chains, skulls, spikes and whatnot.

At 40% off the original price the miniatures were affordable, but it really kept me from buying them at the full retail price. I think it tells a lot about miniature wargamers, because that stock did not seem to go anywhere before the price dropped on Maelstrom Games. Another thing that had kept me from buying any of the Carnevale miniatures have been my uncertainty about their size - I can compare that to Reaper Miniatures where there is a ton of cool stuff available but the risk is the size of the miniature is completely off compared to my other 28mm stuff. For monsters that doesn't really matter. But regular humans ranging from 25-32+ mm is pretty jarring to look at.

These Carnevale miniatures are very neat 28mm miniatures, the proportions and style of their limbs and clothes leans more towards the realistic than "bulky wargaming" miniature. But I can still blend them in with my 28mm Empire of the Dead models from West Wind.


  1. Nice figure, I may have to watch Malestorms sales more often. I liked that figure line also but the $ was always a bit intimidating.

    1. Yeah, at £6 per miniature they were still not cheap, and that was at the 40% discount. Are they worth £6 a piece? Most certainly, but it may be off putting for miniature wargamers looking to start with a new game to pay £10 per mini if you don't know the game is any good.

      At the reduced price the miniatures became more attractive from a "collectors" point of view so I grabbed the one's that looked interesting. Just as I sometimes browse Reaper Miniatures to see what kind of cool monsters they have.

      I don't always have an immediate plan for the minis, or any area of use, but I have been able to put most of my weird collection into use thanks to games like Strange Aeons and the like.


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