09 September 2012

September Campaign review and Firestorm update

Craig Baxter over at the Frozen Gamer blog has written a really good review of the September Campaign v.2 Orders of Battle book. The review really gives a great insight into the content in a short but very structured way. Be sure to check out his site, some really good stuff over there - such as a recent review of Dust Warfare. Link to Craig's blog http://frozengamerak.blogspot.se/2012/09/review-anatolis-september-campaign.html

Also I've had a really shitty week, but last night I managed to finish most of the Firestorm campaign rules for Poland 1939. I just need to go over the document (12 pages) and see if there is something weird in the text or is something could be rephrased to make it easier to understand.

I included a few options to play both with historical restrictions and a more streamlined campaign. This is mainly connected to the Soviet Union and a few of the army types involved. The document explains what is optional and how you can apply it if you want to.

You guys can take a look at the map and the turn track until I release the document (early this coming week).

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