11 September 2012

September Campaign v.2.1 update, FAQ and Firestorm campaign download

This is a big post in terms of downloadable content and information.

First of all the September Campaign OoB book has been updated to version 2.1. It includes quite a lot of important errata provided to me from several sources, but mainly from Kenneth Ray and his extensive amount of information that led to changes in the Soviet OoB section.

You can read all about the errata changes in the first post of the September Campaign thread over at WWPD HERE

Download the Full color and Printer friendly version of September Campaign v.2.1 HERE

I have also compiled a FAQ document for the OoB section which is now included at the end of the September Campaign OoB section.

Finally I finished working on the Firestorm Campaign for Poland 1939. The firestorm campaign can be downloaded following the following links:




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