05 September 2012

US Navy Seals vs Iraqi Army pictures

Another game of "Brink of Battle" with a Modern Warfare theme. Patrik put his elite troops up for a 750 points game against some of my newly painted up Iraqi army.

The game was rather one sided, we came to the conclusion that you can't really play proper super elite troops like the Seals against common rabble. I lost 6 out of 10 guys (not really remarkable if you think about them being regular Army vs Navy Seals).  But either you have to give the Seal's proper opposition, like "Spetsnaz" troops, or make a scenario similar to "Black Hawk Down" where a small group of soldiers have to hold out and the enemy receives endless reinforcements for a couple of turns until relief troops arrive and can extract the besieged squad. Just throwing regular grunts at them is not that fun if you look for a points balanced game between two such different forces.

Everything else works very well and as intended though, it's just our forces that are bad matchups and need some scenario balancing.

The rules of Brink of Battle simply do too good of a job at creating real elite forces with the wargear and traits (something other games almost always fail). The problems with this however is that you get one sided battles, I could probably take down one or two of Patrik's soldiers if I just camped behind a building with all my guys, but that is not my style of gaming.

We will make up something cool to make the game more balanced and feel right thematically next time.


  1. Looks like a fun game... I know what you mean about getting the balance right. Typically when I play an elite against rabble it's very one sided. I'm now using a ratio of 3:1 which seems to even it out, but also moving on to using tokens for the rabble so they're not revealed until spotted with some of the tokens being nothing, civilians or goats etc.

  2. Yep, we're going to do something different next time we play this with the Navy Seals involved.

  3. The superior troops need an objective to accomplish in order to make the game more intresting. That negetas them the possibility to sit back and annialate the enemy. The more modern, superior fighters tend to be the active force and the defenders tend to be the reacting force. There are ofcourse exceptions to that but it is a good start. The terrain looks really nice too:)

  4. Would like to see the army lists you used, We have only done WW2, but my german paras were elite, but was still close.

    1. It's really the skills combined with certain modern equipment that make the killer list. Patrik did not have maxed out stats on everything, but the equipment and skills which were natural to include for a super elite force like the Seal's stacked up to a point where having a somewhat larger number of average guys didn't work out.


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