04 September 2012

What Would Patton Do podcast

If you're a Flames of War gamer, and have for some reason not heard about the WWPD podcast and forum by now, then I highly recommend visiting the WWPD site and check out both the podcast and their forum. The podcast is recorded every two weeks, and provides roughly 90-120 minutes worth of high quality entertainment. Mostly the guys talk about Flames of War, but that has been changing of late and new subjects such as SAGA and Bolt Action have made its way on there as well.

Apart from the general talk about their Flames of War games, the guys also talk about the FoW tournament scene over in the US and the tournaments that they very frequently go to. You also get a lot of news on Battlefront rulebooks and 15mm miniatures from various manufacturers, discussions on list building and what units are hot at the moment as well as what seems to be causing trouble, hints about rules and how to play certain armies and single units in the various periods - all is discussed in a very reasonable level headed manner (with a great dose of humor in between).

The Podcast comes in two parts, a large chunk is always available for free, and then there is roughly an hour worth of bonus material that is "Afterhours", where the guys go off the deep end and crank up the insanity level.  The Afterhours is more of a isolated additional "bonus track" rather than broken off regular podcast material. I have just very recently started a premium account so I can listen to the Afterhours stuff - and it's totally worth the money, and it's a good way of supporting the WWPD crew in what they do. I think they are the greatest asset to the Flames of War community on the internet, and as a matter of fact they also run the best Flames of War forum on the internet. Now the forum also has subcategories for SAGA, Bolt Action, World of Tanks, Painting/Hobby sections as well. The reason for why it is the best forum is because of the friendly atmosphere.

So if you haven't listened to the Podcast or checked out their forum yet , then head over to their site HERE

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  1. Thank you for the kind words sir! We love to do it, but the positive community vibe is what keeps us goin!


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