27 September 2012

Worlds of Cthulhu magazine

A few weeks ago I bought a couple of "Worlds of Cthulhu" magazines to serve as inspiration for Strange Aeons and Empire of the Dead games. Got the magazines at a sale for a discount price but even at full price they are as thick as most paperback rulebooks out on the market with roughly 120 pages of great content revolving around Lovecraftian adventures of horror.

The magazine is meant to be used as a compliment to the Call of Cthulhu RPG game by "Chaosium" and the content spans from modern to 1920's, medieval and 17th century stuff. The content is also largely made up by RPG adventures and scenarios, describing locations, monsters, agents and other relevant stuff. The modern and future adventures aren't really what interests me as my preference is in the original Lovecraft setting of the 1920's and earlier, mainly because of the decreased efficiency of weapons and more flavorful settings. Luckily there is an even distribution between all eras..

Also, what really matters the most for me as a miniature wargamer is simply the inspiration the content of these magazines provide. Many of the RPG adventures can be translated to the tabletop with little effort. And even if you don't play miniature wargames or have any interest in the RPG aspects they are often great reading material for fans of all things Lovecraft.

I highly recommend checking this magazine out if this is in your area of interest.


  1. A good resource if you are into the RPG it seems.

  2. It certainly is. I'll check it out!

  3. Hi Alex,

    Any link where we can find this ?

  4. Here's a link to an English site selling them, I bought the 4 magazines I have from my local retailer.


  5. as a longtime fan of Lovecraft, this looks like a real treasure. Thanks for the tip :-)

  6. i would love so much to have these in pdf...but they aren't available anywhere, and in paper format they are too expensive. What i'm interested in are soely the averoigne articles.


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