17 October 2012

17th century farmyard painted up (BF&S)

And here is the Farmyard painted up, geese and the additional "peasant informer" on separate bases.
Likewise the haystacks aren't glued in place as they will be moved around during gameplay.

The By Fire & Sword games down at the club will look better than ever from now on :-)


  1. An excellent looking model, helped by the painting

  2. I love the way U have painted peasant informer. Great job! I hope to fight Your Polish army with my Swedish forces some day :)

  3. In the nicest possible way Anaoli, I hate you!!

    How do you find the time to turn out repeatedly good looking models in such a short time span?? You must have a time dilation device.

    Look forward to seeing some battlereps with all this on the table. Soon the English rules should be avalaible and I will be able to start building my own armies.


  4. Great job! A boon to the gaming t able.

  5. Thanks guys, I will be posting a battle report where we used the terrain tomorrow :-)

  6. "Zey vent zat vay! If yous hurry, yous might catch zem!"

    I wouldn't trust that guy, he'd make up any old nonsense just to make sure you don't fight your battle right in his farmyard, and who can blame him? A great-looking piece.

  7. a lovely looking piece of real estate.

    i wish you the best of luck in the upcoming AAR:)

    1. Lol, you know how it ends you evil bastard! :-D

  8. Little bit off topic but you need to see this: http://youtu.be/AyJdeSslnys
    Hope it will inspire you Anatoli:)
    Not playing BF&S myself but nice painting btw.

  9. Wonderful! Atmosphere perfectly recreated, great details, great work ...I'll follow your fantastic blog!


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