16 October 2012

17th Century farmyard review

Last 15mm scale kit for the time being is the "Farmyard 2" (one of two versions). This kit comes packed with content. You get the farmhouse, a stable, two random farm animals (in this case geese), 6 pieces of farm fence, a well and 2 haystacks!

Both buildings have removable roofs, but just as with the Inn I glued them in place. I think the pictures speak for themselves, this is a great value for money pack and all the separate pieces give you many options on how to put the layout of it all together.

I really like the well in particular, the sculpting is excellent and you have rock texture on both the inside and the outside. The farm animals and the haystacks are a nice touch, I kept them loose so that I can move them around when models occupy the farmyard.

The terrain made by Wargamer is really top notch, it really looks the part, has great detail and comes at reasonable price. This kit goes for 25 Euro. Important to know is that you don’t need a ton of terrain for By Fire & Sword, so you can get away with a couple of kits to get a very nice table that retains the gaming friendly open spaces needed to play.

I also took the opportunity to base the "Peasant informer" which my buddy Andreas brought back from Poland - it will make for a perfect resident of this little farm.

Pictures of the painted farmyard will be up soon.


  1. "Peasant informer" is a special model with official rules. Keep it as he can prevent enemy from Ambush!


    Great review!

    1. Thanks for the link MiSiO, I knew he had rules so that is why I kept him on a separate base, though I didn't have the rules downloaded :-)

  2. Looks nice, can you give an idea what scale this is aimed at, I am guessing 25/8mm but wasnt sure...

  3. Sorry Scott, forgot to write that it is 15mm scale just like the Inn and the Windmill I posted a couple of days ago.


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