09 October 2012

17th century Polish inn review (BF&S)

I received a couple of really nice 15mm scale terrain pieces from Wargamer in Poland, the manufacturer of the "By Fire & Sword" range which also happens to include a lot of 17th century central European buildings.

I'm going to write a review of each pice and show the painted result over the next couple of days.

First out is the "Inn", anyone familiar with this period, or that that have seen any of the movies based upon Sienkiewicz "Trilogy" will instantly recognize the classic design. It's also a large terrain piece and comes with a removable roof if you want to go for that option. And as you can see from the pictures the 4x2 dimensions of infantry bases that are standard for By Fire & Sword fit nicely inside.

The sculpting is really good, with great texture on all the wooden boards and details, I like the worn look with window covers hanging loose in places.

There was one thing that made me opt for a "closed" building, the roof is cast in one piece and its solid resin, it fits well and doesn't slide around due to resin bars on the inside. However, there was a couple of millimeter big gap on one side of the building between the wall and the roof and I was certain it would bother me when playing - besides it's not likely that we will play inside the buildings much (even though you can) - and even if so then we probably will just write down what unit is standing inside instead of removing the roof. So the roof is glued in place, then I greenstuffed some lightly damaged edges and the gap.

The resin is easy to work with, soft enough to carve with a knife, so that's a good thing as it made cleaning the model easy. The base is made out of a piece of plasticard. Just as with the tents I showed a while ago, I want the buildings to be on the same height level as the infantry.

This Inn goes for 22.50 Euro over at Wargamer, and it's imo well worth it for such a big centerpiece building as this is. Perfect to have on one edge in your big games or to fight in/around using the skirmish level 1 forces. I'll post pictures of how it looks painted tomorrow :-)


  1. Very nice... By chance any word on an English translation date yet?

  2. Hopefully end of this year. A large chunk is translated and being proof read right now - all the backgrounds and layout of that part is also finished, so fingers crossed.

  3. Could you please re-post your previous post or at least post some pics of the terrain you were using? (Specifically the tunnel/cavern thing)

    1. Part 1 of that Strange Aeons mini campaign will be up tomorrow, I clicked the wrong button a few days ago in edit mode when I was writing it due to the new layout of blogspot editing (hate the new crap layout).

  4. Thank you! I'm looking forward to reading it.


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