12 October 2012

17th century windmill review

Another large terrain piece from Wargamer and their 15mm By Fire & Sword terrain range.

The windmill is a massive cast in one piece resin building that stands 4 stories tall. It comes with a little balcony entrance and separate windmill wings, the later requires a bit of steady hand and care to cut clean from the resin frame. My advice is to place them "face down" so that they are completely flat against a table surface - and then use a sharp knife and carefully repeatedly cut along the edge where the wing is joined by the resin frame. Don't apply your entire bodyweight as this risks snapping the thin and fragile wings.

I managed to cut and clean mine without any serious accident, I made two small cracks that I fixed with some super clue. Some of the hair-thin flash on the wings can be removed by using a very hard toothbrush, a sharp knife will also do. Patience is golden with this model, but the assembled end result is a very impressive kit. I ended up using magnets for the wings as I figure this will make transport a bit less dangerous and also the risk of snapping the wings by accidently poking at them is reduced if they are able to turn.

This model goes for 27.5 Euro, considering the massive amounts of resin that went into this kit I would say it is very price worthy from a material standpoint alone. From a gamers perspective this is a very cool and very tall building that will find its place among the countryside terrain within the timeframe 17-18th century.

Pictures of the painted model will be up soon :-)

1 comment:

  1. This looks like a really great piece of terrain. Thanks for doing the review and bringing it to our attention. I have been looking for a windmill since I saw a photo of a Cromwell tank passing by a similar looking windmill near Nijmegen during Operation Market Garden.


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