22 October 2012

Descent: Castle Daerion scenario

Played another Descent scenario down at the club, continuing the campaign (playing as the overlord) David and Martin played the two heroes.

The scenario, Castle Daerion is the third scenario in the campaign if you count the introductionary scenario. First part takes place at the village outside the Castle, the heroes arrive in the middle of an attack - the Overlords forces are killing civilians and the heroes have two tasks - mainly to lit the beacons to warn the castle about the attack, and to prevent all civilians from getting killed (in which case the Overlord wins).

I picked two large monsters to serve as my attack force, the heroes were made up of the Dwarf Berserker and a Archer Wildlander. The fight was very tough, one of the civilians was killed outright, but my Shadow dragon also bit the dust very early on which made him re-appear as reinforcements at the opposite side of the board. The heroes managed to light the first two beacons but then became besieged inside the house - big monsters clawing at the door outside. The Archer character was slain by a monster that broke into the house and had to be revived. The Dwarf handled the attacker and closed the door again.

Ultimately one of the monsters broke through the defenders and started butchering the remaining civilians that were hiding away. The heroes were inches from defeat when they gambled and made a rush outside to light the remaining two beacons. They would win if the monsters failed to kill the remaining villagers. Ultimately they lit the last beacon before the very last civilian would have been killed and got away with a narrow victory.

The second part of the scenario took place in Castle Daerion itself, the lord inside the castle was trying to hold the invading forces of the Overlord at bay in the throne room - all villagers killed in the previous fight were now zombies. The surviving villager was added as a militiaman armed with a bow to support the heroes. The attack inside the castle was led by the villain sir Alric Farrow, and his force was made up of a giant, goblins and zombies. The heroes would win if either the castle lord survived long enough to muster his troops to retake the castle - or if all the "master" monsters (red, and including sir Alric Farrow) were killed.

On the outset of the fight it looked pretty grim, the lord of the castle after successfully mustering 1 troop  failed to muster any additional support for 3 turns while the monsters swarmed him and started beating him up badly. In an epic fashion the heroes stormed the throne room and started fighting in the main chamber as more monster poured in to replace the losses.

Eventually the heroes managed to defeat all the enemy commanders and the attack was broken off, the castle soldiers arrived and recaptured the castle and the heroes had won this scenario.


  1. Epic battle report! Can't wait to play those scenarios myself.

  2. thanks for sharing.


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