04 October 2012

Gentlemen's club, last "membership" mini

Last of the regular members and a group picture of all 5 membership miniatures.

I wanted the jacket to have a similar color to the jacket worn by the "duelist member", but slightly darker and with more shades in the fabric. I also realized that the miniature had gloves, after having painted the first layer of flesh - so I had to repaint them and went with white.

Next in line are the 3 remaining characters, President, vice President and Secretary of the club. I said I would paint them in brighter colors, but I think I will do something in between to tie them in with the "minions" better. They'll probably still have bright colored patterns, but mixed with the "Chocolate candy" colors.


  1. They look great. Look forward to seeing the remaining three

  2. Vaow, I´m really impressed! Looks really good together.


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