07 October 2012

Gentlemen's Club President and group pic (EotD)

Last Empire of the Dead miniature in my lead pile, the President of the Gentlemen's Club. Wanted to paint some kind of pattern on his clothes as well, but didn't want geometric shapes. So I did an internet search for "Victorian clothing" and came up with a pretty cool jacket which I tried to replicate. This is also why I prefer miniatures that aren't cluttered with tons of objects, makes it possible to paint stuff like this. The miniature itself is also very cool, eyepatch and vampire slaying kit thrown over the shoulder.

I'm thinking about whether or not wash the coat with a ochre wash to tone it down a notch and make it closer to the real clothing I used for inspiration, hmm...

The group picture shows the whole Gentlemen's Club range of miniatures, the limited edition Professor Erazmus and the Clockwork servant, 5 Membership, 1 Secretary, 1 Vice President and 1 President. It feels really good to finally have completed this project.

Now to get some Empire of the Dead games going with the newly painted up gang. On the painting horizon there is some 15mm 17th century terrain for By Fire & Sword from Wargamer and  additional WW2 Early War Polish platoons from Forged in Battle (cavalry).


  1. Yep definitely going to wash the coat, will do that this evening when I get home.

  2. They look absolutely brilliant love that coat mate! Well Done on this set

  3. Thanks Brummie, I will fix the coat on this last miniature and post additional pictures of him later this coming week.

  4. That is a splendidly unique collection of esteemed Gentlemen, ready to put the Bounders and Villains in their place!

  5. These are great who makes the figures?


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