19 October 2012

Gentlemen's club President (Improved version)

I just had to do something about the jacket, and what I did I should have done from the start. I washed it with both Gryphonne Sepia and Ogryn Flesh to get that yellow/ochre tint - and it immediately looked a lot better, and just like the jacket I used as model. Now you can also see the flower pattern more clearly. I usually hate to go back and fix old paintjobs, but this was totally worth it.

I also attached pictures of the original version for comparison.


  1. It quite surprising really the difference it has made. I agree very much worth going back to.

  2. Beautiful as always. BTW: the pattern on the jacket brought back memories of my father's Japanese silk smoking jacket he brought home from WWII.

  3. I quite liked it before, but the washes were well worth the investment!


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