05 October 2012

Gentlemen's Club Secretary (EotD)

First one out of the three characters that you get in the Gentlemen's Club boxed set - the "Secretary".

The Secretary is the weakest out of the 3 characters that you get in the Gentlemen’s club, but he still has 2 wounds like the Vice President and President of the club. The main reason to bring him along is to increase the number of characters in your crew, the more characters equals the more models that can be equipped with special weapons.

The secretary is also the "tech-savvy" member, so equipment is slightly less likely to malfunction when he is using it. I really like this miniature, he comes with a club jacket covered in a diamond pattern which allows for easy and interesting painting choices if you want to paint it in something different than a single color.


  1. Superb, Love the jacket especially.

  2. Yea, that jacket is just amazing!

  3. Sweet! And the quilted smoking jacket is perfect!

  4. Thanks guys :-)

    Just finished painting the last two miniatures, the President turned out real nice, not sure if I'm happy with the direction I took with the Vice President though - but at least the whole Empire of the Dead collection is painted up and I can move on to other painting projects.

    Pictures of the last two will be up this weekend.

  5. Really like this guy! The jacket is awesome!


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