06 October 2012

Gentlemen's Club Vice President (EotD)

And here's the Vice President of the Gentlemen's Club.

I wasn't certain how to paint him, he looked like some kind of "superhero/avenger" with that mask and cape - almost like a Victorian London Zorro. So I went with an all red color for his clothes, an experiment to see how well it would look to paint a miniature in pretty much a single color. He really needs  a coat of matt varnish so that the layers of red become easier to distinguish.

In the end, just like with the Secretary, I wanted this character to instantly stand out and be easy to tell apart from the other heroes. I imagine him being a overly eccentric fencing master belonging to the upper class - thus wearing a mask not to reveal his true identity whilst working with the Gentlemen's Club. Fighting the undead in the London slums is certainly not something a "true" Gentlemen would be doing.


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