31 October 2012

MalmCon Flames of War tournament pictures part 1

This weekend Patrik "Saaywhu" and Johan "Johanem" organized a pretty awesome Flames of War tournament proving once again that southern Sweden is a solid place for FoW tournaments with great tables and fantastic terrain. 

The tournament was a joint effort of Thomas and Patrik who were casting and sculpting new terrain (and prizes) for the event for a couple of months ahead of time, Johan who tracked down the location for the tournament and was together with Patrik in charge of the operation during the two day long tournament. Also a special thanks to our local FoW club "Bunkerkommando Süd" who provided additional terrain for the tournament, and of course all of those players who hauled themselves across half of Sweden and across the sea from Denmark.

This two day event, saw 5 battles using the mid-war North Africa book. Provided below are the first half of the pictures, a mix of my own and those that my buddy David took. I will post the second batch of pictures tomorrow.

Winner: Magnus "Amrtaka" Lindroth (Italian army)
First loser (2nd place): Karl "Sardukar" Benisch

Additional prizes:

Best painted: Magnus Lindroth and his Italian army with stiff competition from Jesper "SomuaS40" Graff and Andreas "Deathbullar" Nedmark. All top 3 armies looked fantastic.

Sportsmanship award: Erik Gustavsson

Special prize for the best "bitching comment": Per "Stakka" Kjöllerström, awarded for a comment about "having to face damn Panzerstrelk's in the desert".

Last place award: A truck stuck in the sand - Erik Gustavsson
Best Allied: A blown up German tank - Karl Benisch
Best German: A blown up Allied tank - Jesper Graff
Best Italian (awarded to the Italian player who did not win) A blown up Italian tank (lol) Peter Johnels.

Final results:
1. Magnus Lindroth - 23

2. Karl Benisch - 23
3. Patrik Swärdh - 23
4. Vidar Haraldsson - 22
5. Jesper Graff - 20
6. Staffan Gustavsson - 19
7. Andreas Nedmark - 18
8. Sören Roed - 17
9   Per Engström - 17
10  David Mollander -17
11. Peter Johnels - 16
12  Patrick Beck -16
13. Michael Trillingsgaard - 14
14  Lars Bosma - 14
15. Per Kjöllerstrom - 13
16. Martin Gunnarsson - 10
17. Erik Gustavsson - 10
As you can see 3 people tied 1st place based upon tournament score. Johan had to figure out the winner somehow. The problem was the all 3 players had won 6-1 victories.
Magnus and Karl had each won 5-2 victories, here Patrik dropped out.
Both Magnus and Karl had won 4-3 victories, they had also met each other in a battle that resulted in a 2-2...

The only thing left to do was to check the sportsmanship where Magnus had 2 more points than Karl!


  1. Wanna tahnk Antoli for taking alot of pictures and writting this rapport.
    Cheers / Patrik

  2. the tables really turned out well! i think ill have to ga back and give the new oasis's a quick spray-over to make the water look more shallow around the edges. i loved the italian church on top of the hill. looked great!

  3. Love the pasta quality markers for the Italians, Inspired Genius.

    And loads fo good looking armies.

    1. When I arrived with my camera and started snapping pictures I was "....wtf?" But then realized what they were and were very much tongue in cheek funny. The only thing was that they stood out from everything else a bit too much. Maybe they would have blended in better if they were mounted on small command bases that matched the ground of the infantry.

  4. Gorgeous tables and armies, really inspiring to see well painted and well presented battles. It looks like it was a great couple of days. Thanks for the photo report. Did you not participate in the tournament, I didn't see your name in the listings?

    1. No it was Mid-War and North Africa so nothing for me. I just came by on Sunday and took pictured during the last 2 games and prize ceremony.


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