30 October 2012

Second Polish cavalry platoon (Forged in Battle)

Painted up a second platoon of cavalry to boost my cavalry company a little (because having painted 120 cavalrymen for "By Fire & Sword" wasn't enough to fully break me). Having 2 mounted platoons is pretty much the optimal choice as 1 is both too weak to do anything on the offensive, and too small to use for defending anything. 2 platoons should be able to maneuver well enough on the battlefield, as 3 platoons would be extremely cumbersome with those huge cavalry bases.

As the title says, these models are from Forged in Battle, the second mounted cavalry blister in their range of Early War Poles. I much prefer this blister since they don't have lances but appear more correctly armed with rifle (and the occasional saber). I made the same choice back when I bought my first platoon of mounted cavalry from True North.

Some exciting expansion going on with my Early War Polish army and there are more units in the pipeline :-)


  1. I wasn't sure about this platoon with no lances, but they just look to good not to buy them. ;-)

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Hi Thomas, glad you like them :-)

    Historically the cavalry aren't supposed to have lances, it's just some nonsense every miniature manufacturer keeps clinging to. The lance was for parades and no longer standard issue equipment when the war broke out. Sure there may have been a lance here and there, but the overwhelming majority of the cavalry were equipped and used like "dragoons". And even in those dozen or so cavalry charges/skirmishes with hand to hand combat the use of sabers was standard.

    I think a couple of reasons for the lance equipped miniatures stem from pictures of the Polish cavalry during interwar maneuvers were the cavalry is still seen with lances in their hands. And also because of the propaganda of "lances vs tanks".

    At the same time, the few pictures that show cavalry during units during combat in 1939 have no trace of any lances. Logically it would not make much sense to haul a lance around on the battlefield when you are required to fight on foot most of the time.

    That's the reason why I have absolutely zero interest in Battlefront's mounted cavalry.

    1. Wow, thanks for this enlightenment, Anatoli!

  3. Those are great! I love the nice muted color palette. Great work.

  4. Very nice work.


  5. Wow, I think that these look fantastic! I really like what you have done with them. Could you please enlighten me as to what material you have used to do the grass on the bases? You've really nailed those horses, I guess all of the practice has paid off in spades.

    1. The Grass is Army Painter "Steppe Grass", you can find it over at Warlord Games :-)

  6. That´s a lovely platoon!! Very good work!!


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