11 October 2012

Strange Aeons mini campaign part I: "Supplies"

Spent the whole Sunday down in Thomas bomb shelter which serves as his "man-cave" and we played a Strange Aeons mini campaign spanning over 3 scenarios, using some of Thomas awesome cavern terrain which we never play on. I will post part II and part III two days apart from each other.

I was too busy playing to take detailed notes but I will try to summarize each scenario as accurately as possible. We also used the "Twisted fate deck" in all 3 scenarios as it adds a much needed layer of random events to the rules and gameplay experience.

The story so far...

Sent from Arkham to investigate the troubled countryside and especially alarming reports from the hillside caverns, a Threshold team arrives at the scene. Agent Stotzfus, the leader, accompanied by agents Woodrow and Elmer. Tagging along is also a persistent local Antiquarian that is certain that the caverns are filled with old smuggler treasures.

The Threshold team follow their directions to the location where they are supposed to pick up their supply drop. The local cemetery seemed like a nice and quiet place for such a secret operation, right?


Moving through the cemetery at night a bone chilling wail echoed through the night - Stotzfus looked at his companies and said, "Banshee". The others glanced nervously around. They were also not alone, prowling through the tree line were 3 shapes. Evil gypse henchmen no doubt serving whatever evil master that had claimed the nearby caverns as his home and base of operations. They would no doubt try to prevent, or even worse - steal, the valuable supplies necessary for the imminent cavern exploration.

They had to be stopped. The Threshold agents ran towards their supply drop, swooping past them was the Banshee, howling as she stopped and turned around to face the horrified heroes. Luckily all of them kept their wits about - otherwise tales of this horrifying haunting told of suicidal fear, people turning their guns on themselves to escape the horror. Luckily Stotzfus had experience with these kind of ghosts and quickly moved towards the grave which he suspected belonged to the Banshee and cleansed it.

Just as he was done the team came under rifle fire from the Gypsy band. Stotzfus grabbed the supply crates and started dragging, the rest of the team covered him as best they could. An accurate shot dropped one of the Gypsy riflemen, but agent Woodrow ran out of bullets for his Shotgun and was soon after gunned down. Fumbling to reload his revolver the Antiquarian was charged by the crazed Gypsy leader and cut down receiving a nasty injury. Hearing the screams and gunshots behind them did not stop Stotzfus from dragging the crates towards safety, Agent Elmer decided to stay behind and delay the Gypsy leader which was in pursuit. Exchanging gunshots Elmer was wounded and dropped to the ground.

However he had bought time for agents Stotzfus to escape with the valuable equipment. Woodrow and Elmer recovered from their injuries, but the Antiquarian had suffered a nasty gash and was stricken with Hemaphophobia - fear of blood! The agents tended their wounds and prepared for the imminent cave exploration.


  1. Nice little AAR. Thats one superb looking underground lair!


  3. Wow! Looks great, and would be a blast to game in that scenery!!

  4. Great AAR and awesome scenery & minis.


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