13 October 2012

Strange Aeons mini campaign part II: Serpent cult

The story so far...

Having evaded the Gypsy henchmen and recovered the crates full of necessary equipment the Threshold team led by agent Stotzfus prepared to explore the hillside caverns. The problem however was that there were so many cavern entrances, which one led to the actual evil that plagued the region? They had no choice but to start exploring the caverns, and into the darkness they went, guided by their electric torches and gasoline lanterns.


The cave was damp and the stench was almost overwhelming, they followed the tunnel around a bend, somewhere down in the dark depths of this cave they heard hushed voices and some kind of hissing sound.

Before knowing it the Threshold team had walked into an ambush, set up by some kind of weird serpent worshipping cult, the Gypsies from the previous encounter seemed to be commanded by a tall and grotesque Serpentman Demagogue. Agent Woodrow kicked over a nearby table and started blasting his shotgun at the freakish abomination which slithered and hid behind a corner while the gypsy henchmen fired their guns at the agents.

Agent Stotzfus was hit by a bullet and stumbled back a bit, but repaid the favor and shot dead a nearby gypsy henchman while the rest of his agents advanced and handled the remaining gypsy henchmen.  Again the Antiquarian was caught in the line of fire and was shot, a minor injury but nevertheless it prevented further venture into the tunnel so he limped back to the exit. Woodrow and Stotzfus managed to handle the situation on their own gunning their way to the Serpentman Demagogue which jumped at Woodrow - but the agent quickly raised his shotgun and blew the head clean off the beast.

When the gun smoke cleared, Stotzfus cleaned some blood off while surveying the cavern, a dead end, the cave was shallow and just housed a small living area and larger cavern beyond that, but there was no tunnel leading further into the hill. They had to try another cave, at least a Serpent cult had been put down before it got the chance to fully start its foul activities.


  1. Lovely table set-up, miniatures; and a good read.

  2. Awesome! I'm ready for the next tunnel system! (racks shotgun)

  3. Wow, that table rocks, i am jealous! Great AAR!

  4. awesome! i admire your work. great job!!

  5. Fantastic - the only good serpent is a dead one!!!!

    I'd love to see more of that cavern terrain and know more about how it was made...please!

  6. That table setup is simply brilliant. The encounter was very atmospheric too.

  7. Imponerande arbete det där, speciellt terrängen. Nu är du ju en betydligt mer dedikerad figurspelare än vad jag är, så du har ju större erfarenhet och dedikation till att skapa sådan här terräng, men jag måste ändå säga att det är en väldigt snyggt gjord setup. Det är väldigt detaljerat.


    1. Tackar, Thomas/"Widgren" får ta åt sig äran för terrängen då det är hans. Han är riktigt grym på att scratchbygga saker :-)


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