30 November 2012

American Horror Story season 1 review

I finished watching the first season of this very bizarre show and thought I would write down a small spoiler  free review for those not familiar with it.

The concept of the show is that each season is an isolated story, with its own characters, central location and plot. Thus when season 1 ends the story ends with it, season 2 is about something else, though the ghost/horror theme remains and some of the actors are still around in Season 2 though, in new roles.

The first season is called "The Murder house", and revolves around a family that moves into a large house bought cheap. The low price tag was because there had been  a murder incident involving the previous owners. Many episodes start with a short "flashback" telling a dark and gruesome memory of events that occurred in the house with previous owners, these flashbacks serve a lot to delve deeper into the characters of the show and explain their motivation. I found this setup to be very interesting and well made, pretty much all characters are well written and captivating in one way or another.

The show is more bizarre, twisted and at times sick - the twists and turns during the first episodes really makes you wonder what's going on and it is hard to fully comprehend the events since everything unfolds and is explained at a slow (in a good way) pace. This show is similar to the first season of Twin Peaks in terms of the level of weirdness but without the light hearted moments and random goofy stuff that imo ruined TP season 2.

I won't write too too much about the plot and the characters since it would spoil the experience of finding out stuff as you watch the show yourself.  I found the show to maintain an even level of quality throughout the season up until the last episode. The last episode arguably screws itself and the atmosphere established in previous episodes by being over the top silly. Thus I think the season would have been so much better if it had ended during the previous episode which in many ways had enough closure to work as a final episode. 

With the last episode in mind I would rate the first season as a 8/10. Season 2 is currently being broadcasted and a 3rd season is already confirmed.


  1. Thanks for the spoiler free write up. My wife has been on my case to acquire this so we can watch it. Sounds like it is at least worth a shot.

  2. loved that show until the 'hook' about the family was revealed late in the season. After that I lost all interest. Bummer, as up until then it was truly a creepy television program.

  3. I was watching this show weekly when it aired here last year I think. But I missed the last episode as we went on holiday to NZ.
    Sounds like I was better off not seeing it.

    1. Yeah it went into Scooby Doo territory in the last episode... I could not believe how they managed to screw it up so bad. Still well worth watching the show for the rest of the first season.


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