28 November 2012

Bone giant sea monster (Dreadfleet)

A tiny update.

The bone giant, one of the three sea monsters found in Dreadfleet. Sea monsters are spawned onto the table by event cards and can be controlled by the vampire Count Noctilus in which case they are treated as auxiliary units of the Bloody Reaver. If not controlled they move towards the nearest ship and attack it.

I mounted mine on a transparent base because the miniature is otherwise prone to falling over. Didn't really like painting this one, as the casting was low on detail and boring. Reminded me of crappy one piece plastics that GW has for their regular games WHFB/WH40k.


  1. I do like your "bold" style of painting. And this piece of work is bad and bold!

  2. The bold style was more of a necessity since my brushes are so worn out it is almost impossible to paint precise lines anymore... It has been a real pain painting the last couple of ships. I usually buy Kolinsky-Rotmarder brushes from Maelstrom Games but they went bancrupt and I don't fully trust the new Eye of the Storm store that took its place.

  3. I like it - Another Lurker to play with the Cult of Dagon!


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