23 November 2012

BoW: Battle of the Green Fork AAR

Managed to squeeze in another game of Battles of Westeros this weekend with Martin down at the club, and we picked the "Battle for the Green Fork" scenario. In this battle the Lannisters have the edge in terms of commanders, Kevan Lannister, Adam Marbrand and Ser Gregor Clegane were all present on the battlefield ready to lead the Lannister army against the Stark's led by Robb Stark and Rickard Karstark.

The scenario had the Stark player place 13 objectives of which only a couple were tactically important in front of the Lannister army, and by the end of turn 5 the Stark units had to control at least 4 such locations and have a morale level of Green or better.

The Lannisters would win if they were able to hold the line and prevent the Stark units to grab those objectives, of course they didn't know which ones were actually important so they had to defend all if possible.

This particular battle was also heavy on infantry with but a couple of cavalry units on each side so it would prove difficult for the attacking Stark to achieve victory unless the army pushed hard and didn't let itself be bogged down in too much fighting. The battle itself was a grind on the left and right flank as the more vulnerable elements of both armies clashed.

The center filled with high quality (but terribly slow) units moved towards each other but saw limited combat. The Lannister cavalry led by Adam Marbrand made an early dash to the right with the hopes of hitting a weak flank before the units of Stark regrouped. The attack saw little success and got repelled. On the left flank skirmishes were fought between Stark and Lannister units with Stark getting the upper hand. Not even the presence of Ser Gregor Clegane and his heavy infantry could turn the odds and the Lannisters were cut to pieces.

The center saw a more fortunate development for the Lannisters who fanned out and protected their line while moving ever forwards until they clashed on the hill and held up the Stark units. By this time Adam Marbrand had got himself captured byt he Stark which severely limited the command ability on the right flank, and the left flank had Gregor do his best with a single command point (didn'd go too well). Only the near invincible strength of the man saved him from repeated Stark attacks and even when he was left fighting on his own the Stark units were just unable to capture "the Mountain".

Time was running out and some Stark units made a leap forward hoping to grab those precious objectives, but the Lannister units that remained, among them a couple of really rag tag units down to their last man, managed to hold off the attackers and the battle ended a Lannister victory despite heavy losses and one captured commander.

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  1. I love the Battles of Westeros game system. Looks like you had a good, close game.


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