08 November 2012

Dreadfleet unboxing

I've been saving my Dreadfleet box for quite some time now, and finally thought that I would crack it open since many of my side projects have been finished. So over the next couple of days there will be a break from the historical stuff and focus on fantasy pirates, starting with this unboxing post.

Having played the game over at my friend Daniel I was surprised at how much I liked it and bought the game for a bargain price, I mentioned all of this in my last Dreadfleet related post. Opening the box I still can't believe how cool it is to actually have both a good game from Games Workshop, and the quality of the components (of which there is a lot). 

First of all, I'm a huge fan of the artwork and the GW artist John Blanche who is responsible for the very special and overly detailed drawings in many GW rulebooks, really like his style. You can google his name to find his drawings.

The box contains several sprues holding all the ships, auxiliary ships and other game components. Everything you need is inside this box including dice, the seascape cloth which you require to play the game since it holds a grid that keeps track of the wind direction and measuring rods that are used for measuring travel distance and maneuverability of your ships. Unit cards for all ships, additional cards for special events, characters, wounds to your captains and damage to your ships.

And of course the rulebook, which includes both rules, rich backstory of the campaign and each ship and its captain, and also the campaign scenarios.

Everything is top notch quality and just confirms my thoughts about GW's crazy and bizarre idea of making this game a limited edition run.

I will be assembling and painting the two capitol ships so that I can play the introduction scenario and talk a bit more about how the rules work. So stay tuned for more Dreadfleet.

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  1. The original price tag on this game kept me away, but the components do seem very nice, and the theme is quite cool too.

    Looking forward to see your updates on this.


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